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Hard To Believe in Sundays
by torakowalski [Bandom - Panic At The Disco], (Jon/Ryan, NC-17, 21k words)
Ryan shouldn't be making out with one of The Academy Is…'s techs in the dusky brown darkness behind his own fucking tour bus where everyone, anyone, could see.
[A different take on the Truckstops and Statelines Tour. Love the pacing and how the story developed.]

Heaven Help Us
by bexless [Bandom - My Chemical Romance], (Frank/Gerard + Ray/Mikey, NC-17, 68k words)
"It would seem," the Cardinal finished, "that Father Way's body has disappeared."

There was a silence. Eventually Bob said, "What the fuck?"

"Yes," said the Cardinal. "Quite."

[Last part in the Unholyverse series. (I can't believe it's done! ;____;) There were some parts - like demon!Gerard or possessed!Frank - that squicked me hard enough that I had to walk away. But the Ray/Mikey parts and the ending resolution made up for it about 1000 times over. Satisfying end to an amazing story. There were so many humorous and exciting parts. And I can't believe it's done!]

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership
by sparky77 [Star Trek XI], (gen, R, 2700 words)
Sulu just grins at him like this is all the biggest joke ever. Chekov rolls his eyes and then enunciates very clearly, like he’s speaking to someone a little bit slow, and sometimes he really does wonder about Sulu. “I punched a superior officer in the face!”
[Hilarious with bonus UST.]

just like a bullet leaves a gun
by carolinecrane [Star Trek XI], (Sulu/Chekov, R, 2900 words)
Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction.
[I found this hot, and I loved the pacing and buildup. The hopeful ending was a bonus plus.]

A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley
by loneraven [Star Trek XI], (gen, PG, 2165 words)
Here are some things that James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, does not understand about the USS Enterprise and her crew.
[Really adorable and amusing gen piece that continues in the movie plotline.]

A Piece of the Game
by deepsix [Star Trek XI], (Kirk/Spock, R, 1085 words)
Kirk is taking this thing too far; Spock intervenes.
[So hot, love the visible tension between both Kirk and Spock and how Spock remains impassive and expressionless even when he's chocking Kirk. Ngl. The ending phrase was right on, too.]
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